Thursday, October 1, 2009

Making my Own Colorway

Much of my free time has recently been spent pouring over the blog at PolkaDotCottage. It all started this spring when I began searching for a round loom knitting pattern for fingerless gloves. I stumbled upon Lisa Clarke's pattern at, and I was hooked. The pattern itself had seen numerous updates with tips and observations about Lisa's trials and errors in a friendly and down-to-earth tone that feels very approachable. Soon I was reading her archives and falling deeply in love with Lisa's sense of color and willingness to share her process. If you take the time to look into her projects, I highly suggest looking for the beautiful beach quilt and the fingerless gloves. One of the projects that Lisa blogged that has influenced me most is what she calls Evolution of a Color Scheme. I spent much time oohing and ahhing over the beautiful mosaics she created when trying to establish a new colorway with no real thought of trying the proces myself. But last night, coming home from some household shopping, the colors of sunset knocked me down in awe. I felt the need to perfectly memorize the blue of the sky around me for my next project. I decided to try Lisa's process to capture just the right colors.

1. IMG_1784 - Dustday laundry ripple window (23 September, 2009), 2. Retrato en Azul, 3. Endless walk..., 4. hommage to Van Gogh, 5. Choose your blue..., 6. Yellow Ochre, 7. Beyond - Halloween handspun yarn, 8. Dune detail #23, 9. Great Sand Dunes National Park, 10. blue_boats, 11. Stairs in Sheraton Miramar Resort El Gouna, Egypt, 12. Yes it is colorful !, 13. Beautifully bare, 14. Bale Of Straw during sunset, 15. Blue Mosque [Istambul], 16. Endless walk...

"What now?" you're probably asking. The long answer is to use a color palatte generator to determine my 3 main colors plus a lightening color like white or cream and then head out in search of my yarn. But the real answer, for now at least, is that I am going to sit back and admire this beautiful mosaic while patting myself on the back for learning how to use Flickr favorites and Big Huge Labs in the process of creating the very mosaics I have been long admiring. Oh, and I'm going to pay more attention to the color palletes that (ahem, this sounds so corny) the Earth presents me with everyday.

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