Monday, October 19, 2009

My trip to Lebanon and Springfield (oh, and my sister moved in)

Just some thoughts...

First of all, after much scrambling to pull it all together, my dear partner and I did make it down to my best friend's son's first birthday party on Saturday in Lebanon, Missouri. I finished a hat and scarf for him the night before - phew!

The drive to Lebanon and later, Springfield, was odd because my dear partner and I drove both of our vehicles to pick up my sister and her belongings. So, I was alone in the car for hours. I found that, except on I-44 (oh, how I hate that stretch of highway) I enjoyed the drive, especially because I could put my iPod on shuffle and harmonize to IG, the Dixie Chicks, and whatever else came on all at the top of my lungs without getting into trouble. It was GREAT!

On my last trip to Springfield for what may be a very long time, I had to eat at Fuji. As always, it was so wonderful. I have yet to locate an affordable, delicious Japanese steakhouse in Kansas City.

The move was successful, though moving mattresses in a truck at speeds above 60 mph requires a bit more thought than any of us had really given the situation beforehand. On the other hand, when would I have had another opportunity to get to know Bolivar or make a purchase at their fine Wal-mart? Oh, and the lesson on using racheting straps was one I will always treasure, especially since the strap I bought had to be cut off once I arrived home.

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