Sunday, August 15, 2010

The True Test of Love

I'm beginning to realize that my personal definition of love is a relationship in which the participants can disagree, even to the point of anger, and still know they are loved and continue to act in love. Not "act" as in imitate in pretense, but "act in love" as in to not modify one's behavior in an attempt to punish, defy, and/or disrespect.

The hardest part of having such a toxic relationship is to stay above it and not retaliate in kind. Then the story always becomes "you're no better because you did this." What a twisted, black circle that creates. How easily a provoked reaction in hopes of retaining some level of self-respect becomes her justification for the initial offendng act.

Borderline Personality Disorder? Oh yeah.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What I'm thinking right now...

  • eBay sellers that list items with ridiculously high shipping (as in "oooh, look! I found those socks I've been dying to buy in an auction soon to end for only $2.00. Wait - the shipping is $13?) should be banned from the site - a serious waste of time and joy
  • Why does someone always walk into the previously deserted locker room just as I begin to change into my sport bra?
  • Does anyone else's dog manage to lose his/her entire set of tags multiple times a year?

Monday, August 9, 2010

A Facebook friend posted this today...

What dreadful hot weather we have! It keeps me in a continual state of inelegance. ~Jane Austen

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Twilight Saga Trading Cards: Wanna swap?

Collecting the Twilight Saga trading cards is costing me a small fortune. Though I am doing some trading with the gals at Twilight Moms, there has to be more of you out there who just can't afford the time or money to buy every card from eBay.

I have a TON of cards I'm looking to trade and trade for. So, here is my list. I'll update it regularly. Let me know if you want to trade or buy anything. The girls over at Twilight Moms will vouch for me.

Cards I am willing to sell or trade (Updated 10/22/10):

1 Eclipse (3)
2 Bella (2)
3 Edward (3)
5 Alice
6 Jasper (3)
7 Rosalie (3)
8 Emmett (6)
10 Esme (3)
11 Jane
12 Alec (6)
13 Felix (3)
14 Demitri
16 Riley (2)
17 Bree (2)
18 Sam (2)
20 Jared (2)
21 Embry
22 Quil
23 Leah
24 Emily
26 Grounded
27 Graduate
28 Another Party (2)
29 Police Chief (3)
30 A Gift
32 Territory (2)
34 Dangerous
35 A Fight? (3)
36 Hold on Tight (2)
37 “Vampire Girl” (2)
40 Charlie Asleep
41 Newest Member (4)
42 Spirit Warriors
43 A Snack (2)
45 La Push Beach (2)
47 In the Sun (3)
48 Missing (2)
49 Proud
50 Father and Daughter
51 The Vision (2)
52 Young Major
53 Three Women
54 Kept Me Waiting
55 Second in Command (2)
56 Newborn (3)
57 Marry Me (3)
59 Carrying Bella (5)
60 Kiss Me (2)
61 Battle
62 Unnecessary (3)
64 Torture
65 He’ll Be Alright
66 …I’m Sorry (2)
67 Magic Hour (2)
69 Another Party
70 Second in Command
71 Edward
72 Dangerous
73 Hold on Tight (1)
75 He’ll Be Alright
76 Unnecessary
77 Bella Swan
78 Edward Cullen (2)
 79 Jacob Black (2)

New Moon
3 Edward
4 Jacob
7 Rosalie
8 Emmett (3)
11 Victoria
12 Laurent (2)
14 Paul
15 Jared (2)
16 Embry
19 Caius
20 Marcus
21 Alec (2)
22 Charlie (2)
24 Mike (2)
27 Eric
31 Party Plans
32 Plotting Revenge
35 Get Jasper Out
36 Mending (2)
38 The Promise
39 Rescue Party
40 Found
43 Finding Danger
44 Visiting Jacob
46 On the Cliffs (2)
47 Jacob Concerned (2)
51 Jacob’s Different
52 Break up? (corrected)
53 Unexpected Reunion
55 Secret Withheld
56 Secret Revealed
58 Hunting Party (2)
59 The Jump
60 You Won’t Lose Yourself
61 Alice Comes Back (2)
64 Just in Time (2)
66 Unreadable
67 Edward in Trouble
68 One of Us (2)
69 Back Together
70 The Vote
71 With Conditions
72 Checklist
73 A Disturbing Dream (2)
75 Jacob is There
77 Edward Leaves
78 Dream Catcher
81 Volturi to Judge
84 Jacob

Twilight (all NECA)
1 Twilight
2 Bella Swan
3 Edward Cullen
4 Jacob Black
5 Dr. Carlisle Culen
6 Esme Cullen
7 Rosalie Hale
8 Jasper Hale
9 Alice Cullen
10 Emmett Cullen
11 Charlie Swan
12 James
13 Victoria
25 The Culen Family
26 Biology Class
27 Mysterious Lab Partner
28 Dinner with Charlie
29 The People of Forks
30 Formal Introduction
31 Dealing with Bioolgy
32 Chance to Talk
33 Saved
34 A Family's Concern
35 Field Trip
36 Making Up
37 La Push Beach
38 Legends
39 Drawing First Blood
40 Prom Shopping
41 Closer to the Truth
42 Haunted
43 Answers
44 Transformation
45 The Real Me
46 In Love with Him
47 Since 1918
49 The Cullen Home
50 Meeting the Parents
51 Rosalie's Fears
52 Flying Through the Trees
53 What Alice Sees
54 Hunter Becomes the Prey
55 Forks in Fear
56 Midnight Visitor
57 Baseball with the Cullens
58 Evil Arrives
59 Going into Hiding
60 An Enemy's Warning
61 Preparing for a Fight
62 Alice's Nightmarish Vision
63 Home Invasion
64 Captured
65 Stopping James
66 Venom
67 The Battle for Bella
68 Saving Bella's Life
69 Repairing Relationships
70 Prom Night
71 Forever
72 Checklist

Cards I need:

New Moon
Alice Autograph

AL-1    (Inkworks and/or NECA)
AL-2   (Inkworks and/or NECA)
AL-3   (Inkworks and/or NECA)
AL-4   (Inkworks and/or NECA)
AL-5   (Inkworks and/or NECA)
AL-7   (Inkworks and/or NECA)
AL-8   (Inkworks and/or NECA)
AL-9   (Inkworks and/or NECA)
D-1 The Cullens   (Inkworks and/or NECA)
D-2 Bella Alone   (Inkworks and/or NECA)
D-3 Edward Alone   (Inkworks and/or NECA)
D-4 Friends?   (Inkworks and/or NECA)
D-5 Bella’s Boys   (NECA)
D-6 No One More Different   (Inkworks and/or NECA)
PW1 Jacket Worn By Kristen Stewart As Bella Swan
PW2 T-Shirt Worn By Robert Pattinson As Edward Cullen
PW3 Jacket Worn By Ashley Green As Alice Cullen
PW4 Jacket Worn By Jackson Rathbone As Jasper Cullen
PW5 Jacket Worn By Kellan Lutz As Emmett Cullen
PW6 Vest Worn By Nikki Reed As Rosalie Hale
PW7 Jeans Worn By Taylor Lautner As Jacob Black
PW8 Jacket Worn By Elizabeth Reaser As Esme Cullen
PW9 Shirt Worn By Peter Facinelli As Carlisle Cullen
PW10 T-Shirt Worn By Rachelle Lefevre As Victoria
PW11 Pants Worn By Edi Gathegi As Laurent
PW12 Jeans Worn By Cam Gigandet As James
IP-1 The Hunter   (Inkworks and/or NECA)
IP-2 Hunters and Lovers  (Inkworks and/or NECA)
IP-3 Hunter and Prey  (Inkworks and/or NECA)
CL-1 PROTECTOR   (Inkworks and/or NECA)
P-UK UK distribution
P-I Free Card Offer – http://Www.Inkworks.Com
P-MS trade show distribution – memorabilia show
P-PS trade show distribution – non-sport philly show

I'm feelin' it again...

My camera is back in my shoulder bag. I'm composing possible blog entries in my mind everywhere I go. I'm feeling it again.... I'm back!

I want to share with you my ridiculously awesome weekend. I'm still all blissed out over it.

Friday night, K and I were supposed to see Joan Armatrading in Wichita. But Joan cancelled at the last minute. To soothe her poor aching heart, I took K to Ixtapa in the Northland. I had the Ixtapa margarita, corn fungus (Cuitlacoche) quesadillas, a tamale, and the Taco Chidos. Let me tell you, Ixtapa never misses. And even though the sight of the Cuitlacoche made my super over-sensitive gag reflex sweat it out, I was thrilled to try it. The taste was creamy, smoky cheese heaven. If I had simply closed my eyes before the plate was brought to the table, I would have been thrilled. After dinner, we went to Toys R Us so I could redeem my last Burger King coupon for a free pack of Twilight Eclipse cards. I was a happy girl. When we arrived home, I brought my bike up from the basement, aired up the tires, and made sure I had all my gear ready for a ride at Berkley Riverfront Park on Saturday.

Saturday morning began with my first bike ride in 2 years. I’m a bit wobbly and hesitant due to my crazy fear of re-injuring my knees since having reconstructive surgery for tears in both ACLs. But after a few successful mounts and dismounts, meaning that I didn’t actually fall, I began tentatively testing my skill and dexterity. K took the dog, Harper, for a walk at Riverfront Park while I rode circles around her. Harper doesn't tolerate the excessive heat Kansas City has been experiencing very well, so once Harper was worn out, I loaded up the bike and the dog and went home to get ready for the next phase of our super Saturday while K finished her 5 mile walk.

Next, we went to the Power and Light District to witness the commissioning of the U.S.S. Missouri submarine. Honestly, we were really there because K wanted a Boulevard T-shirt (they sponsored the event), so I spent some time reading while everyone listened to Ike Skelton drone on the enormous jumbo-tron live feed. It was humorous to witness the crowd stand and sit in response to the events being broadcast from hundreds of miles away.

I was hungry after the submarine finally took out to sea, so after some gentle bickering about where to eat, we settled upon the Flying Saucer Draught Emporium. I have been dying to try this place for ages, but we don’t go to P&L very often. You can read my review , but let me tell you, I left that place vowing to return. After eating, we walked down to the supermarket to try and find the Three Olives grape vodka K had sampled at Minsky's a few nights back, but Cosentino’s didn't have it. Instead we picked up some Skyy grape vodka and I snagged the very last tub of The Greek Gods honey Greek yogurt. Score! I spent the remainder of my day 1) sampling grape vodka 2) taking a long nap (that's what a couple of beers and a mixed drink all before 3:00 pm will do for ya, and 4) reading. Oh, and I washed a load of clothes simply because I wanted my bike jersey for another ride on Sunday morning.

Sunday morning began with another bike ride, but a less comfortable bike ride. Muscles in my neck were groaning and my backside was none too pleased to meet the seat of my bike again so soon. I toughed it out until Harper was tired, though, still happy to get out and enjoy some sun and fresh air before the oppressive heat set it.

Once home, I spent a very long while cleaning the house, doing my laundry, and getting ready for dinner. I made Hawaiian bread (using the machine, of course), pounded and marinated chicken breasts, and chopped up veggies for skewers . K mowed the entire lawn (usually half of the mowing is my responsibility, so this was a great help to me), did the grocery shopping, and washed the car. When we were all finished, facing a gleaming home and the promise of a feast, we went to the Westside for a snow cone treat at Fresher Than Fresh Snow Cones. Another heavenly day.