Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I'm feelin' it again...

My camera is back in my shoulder bag. I'm composing possible blog entries in my mind everywhere I go. I'm feeling it again.... I'm back!

I want to share with you my ridiculously awesome weekend. I'm still all blissed out over it.

Friday night, K and I were supposed to see Joan Armatrading in Wichita. But Joan cancelled at the last minute. To soothe her poor aching heart, I took K to Ixtapa in the Northland. I had the Ixtapa margarita, corn fungus (Cuitlacoche) quesadillas, a tamale, and the Taco Chidos. Let me tell you, Ixtapa never misses. And even though the sight of the Cuitlacoche made my super over-sensitive gag reflex sweat it out, I was thrilled to try it. The taste was creamy, smoky cheese heaven. If I had simply closed my eyes before the plate was brought to the table, I would have been thrilled. After dinner, we went to Toys R Us so I could redeem my last Burger King coupon for a free pack of Twilight Eclipse cards. I was a happy girl. When we arrived home, I brought my bike up from the basement, aired up the tires, and made sure I had all my gear ready for a ride at Berkley Riverfront Park on Saturday.

Saturday morning began with my first bike ride in 2 years. I’m a bit wobbly and hesitant due to my crazy fear of re-injuring my knees since having reconstructive surgery for tears in both ACLs. But after a few successful mounts and dismounts, meaning that I didn’t actually fall, I began tentatively testing my skill and dexterity. K took the dog, Harper, for a walk at Riverfront Park while I rode circles around her. Harper doesn't tolerate the excessive heat Kansas City has been experiencing very well, so once Harper was worn out, I loaded up the bike and the dog and went home to get ready for the next phase of our super Saturday while K finished her 5 mile walk.

Next, we went to the Power and Light District to witness the commissioning of the U.S.S. Missouri submarine. Honestly, we were really there because K wanted a Boulevard T-shirt (they sponsored the event), so I spent some time reading while everyone listened to Ike Skelton drone on the enormous jumbo-tron live feed. It was humorous to witness the crowd stand and sit in response to the events being broadcast from hundreds of miles away.

I was hungry after the submarine finally took out to sea, so after some gentle bickering about where to eat, we settled upon the Flying Saucer Draught Emporium. I have been dying to try this place for ages, but we don’t go to P&L very often. You can read my review , but let me tell you, I left that place vowing to return. After eating, we walked down to the supermarket to try and find the Three Olives grape vodka K had sampled at Minsky's a few nights back, but Cosentino’s didn't have it. Instead we picked up some Skyy grape vodka and I snagged the very last tub of The Greek Gods honey Greek yogurt. Score! I spent the remainder of my day 1) sampling grape vodka 2) taking a long nap (that's what a couple of beers and a mixed drink all before 3:00 pm will do for ya, and 4) reading. Oh, and I washed a load of clothes simply because I wanted my bike jersey for another ride on Sunday morning.

Sunday morning began with another bike ride, but a less comfortable bike ride. Muscles in my neck were groaning and my backside was none too pleased to meet the seat of my bike again so soon. I toughed it out until Harper was tired, though, still happy to get out and enjoy some sun and fresh air before the oppressive heat set it.

Once home, I spent a very long while cleaning the house, doing my laundry, and getting ready for dinner. I made Hawaiian bread (using the machine, of course), pounded and marinated chicken breasts, and chopped up veggies for skewers . K mowed the entire lawn (usually half of the mowing is my responsibility, so this was a great help to me), did the grocery shopping, and washed the car. When we were all finished, facing a gleaming home and the promise of a feast, we went to the Westside for a snow cone treat at Fresher Than Fresh Snow Cones. Another heavenly day.

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