Thursday, October 22, 2009

Pints for Penguins

What better way to spend your Wednesday evening than eating Spin! Pizza and sampling 5 varieties of Boulevard beer all while mingling with other zoo lovers? The Kansas City Zoo has long been an organization that my dear partner and I support. We are members, enter the zoo anytime for free, and receive invitations to special events throughout the year that we enjoy immensely. My favorite event is the Christmas pizza party with crafts, pictures with Santa, warm drinks, and luminaries along the paths. However, the price tag for their annual fundraiser, Jazzoo, was too steep. We talked about going many time, but in the end, we just couldn't justify the expense. It seems that Randy and his team have finally realized that everyday folk want to help out, too. And how ingenious to lure us out with pizza and beer?!

I understand the event was sold out. I'm glad to hear it, because it was a great time. Guests were led into the lobby of the IMAX theater where tables and seating were plentiful. Zoo keepers brought at least a dozen creatures to entertain the guests. A DJ played a very fun mix of tunes to keep everyone lively. The pizza was great, the beer was great. It never felt over-crowded or too loud. The mixture of people was diverse, from zoo staff to the genteel. The otters came out to play, something I have only witnessed once before.

Great work, Kansas City Zoo! I won't be around to enjoy the next installment, Corks for Conservation on Wednesday, November 11, but for those of you interested, tickets go on sale today!

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