Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Family is Complete

About a month ago we found a new stray on our front porch. This cat was unusual - he would meow loudly every time was came outside, seemingly more interested in our attention than the food. With cold weather fast approaching, I became concerned that this affectionate soul find a warm, loving home quickly. We discussed ways to find him a new home, but it wasn't long before we decided that we should try to take him in ourselves. I say try because we already had two cats and a goofy hound dog whose health and comfort had to come first.

The boys, Balthasar and Zeus, were due for their annual check-ups, so I made an appointment for them and the stray we decided to name Jaspar.

Balthasar, my senior pride and joy and love of my life, is 14 years old. I picked him up from the Lebanon, Missouri Humane Society in 1996, on my way out of town to begin my sophomore year at UMKC. He was a tiny kitten then. Here he is today:

Balthasar has a heart murmur, but the vets are watching it. They pronounced him fit as a fiddle.

Our next patient, Zeus, is my 6 year old hell-raiser. All curiosity and energy, we constantly remind him how fortune it is for him that he is adorable. He is a super healthy 13 pounds.

Jaspar's exam went very well. I should disclose the fact that I thought the cat was a girl and had named him Piper, but upon hearing he was a neutered male, we quickly changed his name to the more appropriate Jaspar. The vet thought him to be 5-7 years old. He, too, has a very slight heart murmur. Most importantly, he is free of the dreaded FIV/Feline Leukemia, so with a dose of vaccine for Distemper and Rabies and Fleas for all involved, he was welcomed into the house.

As you can see, he is having a terrible time getting adjusted.

Our goofy hound dog, Harper, wasn't intertested in posing for the camera. But, I'm happy to report, she loves Jaspar. The two newest members of our tribe can be found napping together, just not while the camera is out.

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