Friday, October 1, 2010

Welcome Autumn!

What is it about Autumn that is so utterly irresistable? As far back as July I was taking inventory and perusing stores in preparation for adding seasonal touches to the house, though I promised my dear that I wouldn't actually bring them out until after September 22nd.

I have two pyracantha bushes in my front yard with beautiful clusters of orange and red berries that seem to usher in autumn and then decorate the yard for colder days when covered in snow. I clipped a few branches for the wall pocket. 

 (Yes, I know the quality of the lighting is especialy bad. This is what you get from a working girl with a day job. If you want to see it in the daytime, cove over some weekend. :)

Back in July I acquired some of those dollar store leaf and sunflower garlands and a wicker wreath. This is what resulted:

 A fun thrift store find:

Harper and I took a long nature walk up to Kessler Park, around the Concourse, then up to the entrance of Cliff Drive and the Kansas City Museum. I bet people thought I was a hobo or a nut, trying to control my over-anxious hound dog while I stooped to collect acorns, pinecones, walnuts, and ankle-turners (no idea what those things are really called) in my big plastic shipping bag.

These are styrafoam pumpkins yet to be decorated. One will get house numbers and go outside this weekend, hopefully. The other will get an argyle treatment and join the house numbers, if I am successful.

Finally, I want you to know what I go through to get these pictures - Zeus stalked me around and around the house, especially the dining room table, as I worked to get semi-decent shots of my handiwork.


He tired us both out.

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