Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Speaking of sacred spaces...

Speaking of sacred spaces, work has been more challenging than usual. I found myself looking for a centering influence, and with a little time and thought, came up with this carefully placed rock garden

Here are the stones my garden contains, with the healing properties that apply to my workplace:

Blue Howlite
• Absorbs own anger and any directed at you
• Facilitates calm and reasoned communication

• Helps relieve emotional and spiritual isolation and allows feeling connected with all that is

Dalmatian Jasper, Dalmatian Stone, Aplite
• beneficial for mood elevation, balance, and nerves
• said to sound a warning when danger is near
• grounding and centering
• harmonizes emotion, maintains composure, helps avoid overanalysis
• helps move forward while planning potential actions with care and reflection
• stimulates sense of fun, transmutes negativity and outgrown patterns

Black Tourmaline
• Balances right and left brain hemispheres
• Promotes self-confidence and positive attitude
• Helps dispel toxic emotions such as negative thought patterns, worry, guilt, judgment, anger, and fear
• Cleanses energy field, especially in meditation
• Protects against all types of negativity
• Gain insight into how past affects present
• Protects against curses, psychic attacks, and ill-wishing

Moss Agate
• Peaceful temperament
• Helps one find and adhere to one’s higher purpose
• Releases negative karma
• Self-esteem
• Useful in meditation to magnify one’s goals

• insight, penetrates paradox and contradiction in order
• helps analysis, intuition, observation, and creativity
• facilitates self-disciple, organization, efficiency, and structure in research and mental pursuits
• insight into self
• beneficial for self-esteem, memory, rational thought, objectivity, intuitive perception,defensiveness and oversensitivity

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