Monday, April 9, 2012

Garden Reawakening 2012

 Garden porn:

The potting table is busy. See that little blue bag on the table? That was my Easter basket. :)

Tomatoes and pepper wait to be planted. In the other pots are an assortment of herbs - Thai basil, rosemary, and cilantro.

Finishing up the last section of tilling in the vegetable garden.

The lettuce has really taken off ! 

You wouldn't believe what this cheap electric garden tiller is capable of doing! My favorite garden tool, hands down.

Time to transplant the sweet pea...

Blue spruce and Veronica Blue in Balthasar's garden. I'll be adding Munstead lavender soon. The pots are waiting for impatiens.

Potted ranunculus and my quatrefoil stepping stone.
Lobilia and artillery fern in the stone planters out front.

The shady sides of the house are filled with hostas and vinca.

Lily of the Valley is beginning to bloom around the porch.
Hard to see on camera with that silly fence, but there are 4 climbing roses and this rose bush around the gardens. Also not pictured: pyracantha, boxwood, hydrangea, and lilac.

Other decorative, meaningful elements:

moss agate

Ranunculus with Kelly's birthday traveling gnome
Kelly's Easter pinwheel

I'm waiting to plant nine Pencil Point Junipers along the fence, Irish Moss along the other fence, Impatiens in several pots around the yard, and Munstead Lavender in Balthasar's garden. Once those arrive, the Garden will be complete. It will be lovely in a month or so!

Thanks to my love for traipsing around the garden with her camera. She suggested that we should take pictures every Saturday to document the awakening. What a great motivation to keep up on weeding. Here's hoping!

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