Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentines Day and Penis Touching

First, let me share what a fun, indulgent, sweet Valentine's weekend I have experienced. First, I took K to her favorite place, Buffalo Wild Wings, on Friday night for beer, wings, and trivia. On Saturday, I treated us to frou-frou drinks at Starbucks while on our way to the vet's office for Harper's annual checkup. She gained 9 lbs this year! We did some household shopping as well as digging through Hot Wheels at various locations for K's collection, and then had a casual lunch at 54th Street. I left her to enjoy a beer while I did some shopping at Zona Rosa. We finished the grocery shopping and then headed home for movie night and some quality time with my sewing machine.

Today we met our friend Laura at the dog park. Harper and Jake romped while I held onto the chain link fence for my dear life - the park was a mess of ice. We hadn't seen Laura and Jake for weeks, so we had a great time despite the treacherous conditions.

I did some laundry and housecleaning while Kelly ran to get the car washed, then we headed out for another super casual lunch, this time at Outback, before going to the Screenland Armour to see Casablanca on the big screen! I hadn't seen the movie before - I loved it. There were a few laugh out loud funny moments I didn't expect.

I also received some gifts that were pretty awesome:

If you can't make it out, that is 1) a box of chocolate turtles, 2) a glass head and 3) a SoCo tin. Yes, there is a bottle of SoCo in the tin. Pretty awesome, right? And we haven’t even made it to Valentine's Day yet.

On tap for tomorrow - gifts and dinner at Lulu's.

Don't you just love Valentine's Day?

On our way home this afternoon, we drove by Kessler Park where a group of guys were playing soccer. More than one of the participants was in some stage of touching his penis. I commented on it and K explained that while the average man can keep his stuff in place without excessive touching, those with small penises must constantly re-adjust that slippery little flopper. It made sense. Probably some of those who were holding the thing outright are afraid they might lose it completely if they let go too long.

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